This article was a refreshing escape from the relentless stereotyping Arabs and Muslims have received in the press

“Patriot Act,” September 04. Too often in this post Sept.

11 world, the media has shied away from covering topics that show the American public what the costs of occupations truly are, as well as the real costs of the war on terror, which also go unnoticed and undocumented. Throughout the U.S., Arab, Muslim, and South Asian Americans are targeted and harassed through institutionalized racial profiling. At airports, their place of worship and schools wherever they go this stereotype follows them.

People continue to be detained, deported, arrested and disappeared solely for fitting the obscure and radicalized profile of a “terrorist. Minorities occupy this country and the world beyond. Wherever there is oppression, there is Hip Hop resisting. Hip Hop culture seems to be the bridge that connects it all.

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