Holiday beauty tips and tricks 2015

• Spoil yourself with a pre-holiday fake tan (NOT a sunbed!), to take the edge off pasty, white skin. Look out for the new St Tropez.

Airport spray-on tan booths, coming to a salon near you soon, from £35.

• Use Lancaster Tan Maximiser, £20, for two weeks pre-holiday, to kick-start your colour.

• Oenobiol Solaire, £16,50 for 60, is a nutritional supplement designed to boost your skin’s defences; but you must still use a high-factor sunscreen.

Trevor Sorbie Riche Moisturising Conditioner, £4.49 (above right)’, Wella Lifetex Sun Protection Mask, £6.95 (above left)

Summer face savers: Clarins Face Cream 5X5 SPF15, £13.50 (top); Simple Face Protector SPF25, £7.75

Lip service: Neal’s Yard Sun Protection Lip Balm SPF15, £3.85

You’re away due to Resist, £11.50 ft humidity or different water.”

Using sunblock on your face will stave off crows’ feet, laughter lines, age spots and major wrinkles. Dr Lydia Evans says: “If you have fair skin, you can begin to see fine lines and wrinkles from about 28, so sun damage is not as far in the future as you think.”

The best solution is to sit in the shade and wear a hat and sunglasses. Yes, we know you came on holiday to get a tan, but try to save your face – at least during the hottest part of the day.


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