Holiday Weight Loss Tips

Holiday Weight Loss Tips

Removing toxins, unnecessary drugs, and manufactured junk are the primary steps towards regaining health and inciting proper weight loss. (Repetitive reinforcement)

Keep this note: While trying to lose weight there may be some toxic foods that help you reduce sugar or portion control or help in some area of concern. If it works for you and it is not too costly on health, then do what works. One man’s poison is another’s is another man’s cure. I have found having a few chocolate animal crackers around can keep me eating less overall and reduce the need for coffee to maintain effectiveness at my desk job. For some reason I do not over consume allowing me to stay focus without needing coffee, and am able to maintain and even lose weight. There are toxins in chocolate that does put extra stress on the liver such as caffeine and Theo-bromine. In a few of my experiments with dark chocolate, I have suffered serious ill effects of this toxin. Normal (non-dark) chocolate has greatly reduced Theo-bromine content and less toxic to the organs.

To lose weight reduces daily sugar intake to fess than 50 grams

Sugar and starch are considered good and the body takes most of these in for normal energy needs. The old fashion way of consumption was by eating vegetables and fruits. A normal diet 100 years ago would consist of 10 to 100 grams of sugar from natural sources. Today most of our sugar comes from process that extracts the sugar but also alter its structure. Today the average diet consumption of sugar is between 50 to 500 grams per day (some people it is over a pound of sugar every day). Sounds unbelievable but I was consuming between 300 to 500 grams every day, almost a pound of sugar EVERY DAY! A pound is 453.592grams. Most 2-liter bottles of soda are 200 to 300grams of sugar, or 1/2 a pound of sugar (most fruit juices also have this amount of sugar).

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I have known many people that have lost 50 plus pounds just by removing fruit juice, sports drinks, and sodas from their diet. These drinks are extremely high in sugar and one 16-ounce soda has more processed sugar than people a century ago total for the whole day. Some people drink a six-pack or more a day. Me, I was consuming a 2-liter bottle every day along with other candy bars and pastries.

The primary focus of the 213-Diet and to lose weight is to control sugar intake. Every day it is about saying no to sugar as much as possible. The goal is to stay under 100 grams per day to maintain weight. To lose weight, keep your sugar intake from processed sugars and fruit to less than 50 grams per day. There will be days of excess but your goal is to average less than 50 grams per day.

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