Hollywood Ladies’ Street Style Fashion


Australian pop sensation Kylie Minogue ruffled a few designer feathers during the U.S. promotion of her new albıım, Fever. As part of a segment she was filming for the VH1 show “Fresh,” Minogue set up a visit to try on clothes and mingle with the models backstage at the New Ifork fashion show of Zaldy, who has dressed Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani and Janet Jackson for various appearances.

But when she and her crew showed up, they were less than gracious to the designer and his staff, disrupting the tech rehearsal and refusing to tape the designer or take photographs, apparently fearing a conflict of interest because of a contract with D&G to wardrobe Minogue’s spring concert tour. If that weren’t enough to leave Zaldy and his staff feeling used, Minogue tumed up at the Milan showing of Dölce & Gabbana a couple of weeks later and offered plenty of sound bites on the designers.

“They understand everything from rock ’n’ roll to pop ’n’ roll,” Minogue gushed. “Their clothes deserve to be onstage.”

Hollywood Ladies’ Street Style Fashion

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