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YOUR APPROACH TO LOVE: You’re the firecracker of the zodiac. When it comes to love, you want what you want, when you want it. You’ve been known to kick and scream when you don’t get your way and you manage to look adorable doing it! your sex style: You’re the ultimate sex trendsetter and always have to be the first to know about (and try!) anything from the fresh hire in the corner cubicle to a wild new position. YOUR MAY LOVECAST: Venus is in Aries from the 3rd to the 28th, putting all things romantic at your command. You’ll feel pretty, witty, and light on your feet all month. Make an unexpected proposition -you can’t go wrong.


(APRIL 2 1 TO MAY 20)

your approach to love: You’re reluctant to get involved, but once hooked, you’re steadfast. No one can bully you into a love affair, though; nothing turns you off faster than a pushy approach to courtship. your sex style: Sensuality is key.

Your approach to love: You’re a total flirt and always looking for the next best thing. Still, you’re so alluring that men will happily chase you to find out what you’re running after. (It’s usually something intellectual or trendy he’ll have to keep up with your blog to find out!)

YOUR sex STYLE: Variety is key when it comes to sating your sexual appetite. You prefer to change positions every few minutes, but you can add even more spice by exploring new scenery. (The kitchen counter suffices nicely!) YOUR may LOVECAST: You’re yearning to start a new relationship or make a major move to revitalize the one you’re in, but be patient. Wait to take any serious action until the 27th, when the new moon is in Gemini.


(JUNE 21 TO JULY 21)

YOUR APPROACH TO LOVE: You’re the mushy, gushy, home-lovin’ sign of the zodiac. Although your moods change like the wind, once you’re smitten, you won’t let go. If your guy doesn’t appreciate your deft intuition and knack for baking perfect cookies, say good-bye!

horoscopesYOUR sex STYLE: Your tender touch is highly sought after. But to win you over in bed, your lover must pay special attention to your super-sensitive breasts and shower you with affection. You need it like oxygen!

You’re into gorgeous settings and scintillating scents (like roses or lavender candles). And, since food and sex rank among your favorite things, a melange of the two is pure ecstasy. YOUR MAY LOVECAST: You’ll be a chatterbox from the 5th to the 19th expect some flirtatious correspondence in your in-box. Things will really heat up over Memorial Day weekend, when Venus will grace your sign for three thrilling weeks. Soak it up!

YOUR MAY LOVECAST: With Jupiter in retrograde, you may reconnect with a sexy former flame this month. Keep your eyes peeled for a return appearance around the 1st, and again on the 31 st.



YOUR APPROACH TO LOVE: All the world’s your stage, Leo. You’ve made an art of getting others to adore you and follow your lead. Dating is practically your second job, and you’re damn good at it! You thrive on compliments the more over-the-top, the better. YOUR SEX STYLE: Your favorite aphrodisiac is witnessing a guy play hard to get. And once you’ve got him, you’ll make him swoon after one kiss. You need to be worshipped in bed after all, you are a goddess!

YOUR MAY LOVECAST: With Venus in passionate Aries until the 28th, your love life will suddenly shift into high gear. Surprise your guy with the new tricks (or toys) you’ve been hiding. If you’re single, you’ll meet a hot prospect just by leaving the house!



your approach to love: Perfection is your raison d’etre, but it can also be your undoing. It’s hard for guys to live up to your high expectations. Throw caution to the wind once in a while you’ll find the breeze refreshing. your sex STYLE: Though you may seem all buttoned-up in your day-to-day life, you’re an absolute wild woman in bed. You’re the naughty secretary come to life and that pencil securing your bun makes you all the more compelling to your amours. your may LOVECAST: You’re a woman of many moods this May aggressive until the 5th, reserved and earthy from the 5th to the 19th, and the life of the party after that. Before Memorial Day, make a bold decision concerning your relationship status.



YOUR APPROACH TO LOVE: You’ve spent your whole life searching for your soul mate. If only you weren’t so truly terrified of making decisions and that one final commitment. your sex STYLE: Game-playing turns you on. If he makes you wonder and wait, the sex will be through the roof. You thrive on competition, but if he chooses another woman over you, he’ll never have a chance again.

YOUR MAY LOVECAST: With your lovely ruler Venus traveling through Aries for most of the month, you’ll be set on making a romantic dream come true. It may seem perpetually out of reach, but your extra effort will make victory that much sweeter.



YOUR APPROACH TO LOVE: A volcano smolders within you, and men seem to sense this even from across the room. Some are afraid that you’ll devour them, while others are ripe for the challenge. You don’t take anything lighdy, especially love. your sex style: You live for sensual kisses and skin-tingling foreplay. But one day you’ll have to face the truth: No matter how skillful you are in bed, casual affairs just aren’t your thing.

YOUR MAY LOVECAST: Withjupiter backsliding through Scorpio until early July, you will be in high spirits. Still, you can’t seem to stop thinking about a former lover. You will be richly rewarded once you finally move on.



YOUR APPROACH TO LOVE: For you, love is an adventure. You’re eternally optimistic that even the most ailing relationship will work. But when the open road calls, you may be tempted to flee your current commitment. your sex style: For athletic Sags, sex is akin to an indoor sport. A guy needs a ton of stamina to keep up with your raging libido. Beware of being too critical offering him gentle guidance is more effective than telling him he’s a lousy lover!

YOUR may LOVECAST: Squeeze all of your romantic action into the first few weeks of the month, because you’ll be wiped out by Memorial Day. A solo weekend away will do wonders for your wandering soul. Wish on a star on May 27.



YOUR APPROACH TO LOVE: Your practicality is an asset, but it can sometimes keep you from experiencing the unpredictable wonders of romance. You’re a pillar of strength, though, and can endure any heartbreak. your SEX STYLE: You’re a woman of myriad sexual talents after all, you’ve practically been taking notes in bed for years. Yet you prefer a long-term lover to a series of one-night stands. your may lovecast: With sex planet Mars in your opposite sign, Cancer, for most of the month, your libido will be lower than usual. Practice the art of old-fashioned romance you’ll see that slowing down can have its benefits.



YOUR APPROACH TO LOVE: You think outside the box when it comes to relationships, and your romantic motto is “friendship first.” If your lover accepts your quirks, he gets entry into the winner’s circle. And what a place to be! your sex STYLE: You don’t mind if he treats you like a buddy outside the bedroom, as long as he behaves the opposite in it. The kinkier, the better… life is one grand experiment, isn’t it? your may lovecast: You’ve got some serious spring fever. Plan something special for the 18th or 19th, when anything seems possible!



YOUR APPROACH TO LOVE: You tend to worship at the altar of your latest crush. Dating is a religious experience for you, and you’ll bear any cross in your attempt to win the heart of your soul mate. Boundaries, shmoundaries! your sex style: Kissing is just another pathway to higher consciousness for you. (Having your feet rubbed is a huge turn-on, too.) Your urge to merge is deep and abiding, but if you’re not truly in sync with your partner, the emotional fallout could be painful. your may lovecast: Give those rose-colored glasses a rest, Pisces. April was dreamlike, but in May, your feet are back on solid ground.

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