How Did I Find the Right Road?

My introduction into the wonderful world of wonderful skin came about much as did my diet-education. I lucked up and landed in the lap (figuratively) of one of the most famous skin specialists in the land a man who probably nurtured more to-be-envied complexions than any other skin specialist in the world.

He was Dr. Erno Laszlo, Transylvania-born (I’ve always believed there was a secret there!), educated in Hungary, and beauty-maker par excellence to some of the world’s most famous faces. Faces like Greta Garbo, Gloria Vanderbilt, the Duchess of Windsor, and a long list of lovelies rightly dubbed by Womens Wear Daily as “the Laszlo girls.”

Dr. Laszlo taught me a lot all of which I intend to pass on to you. For with my Laszlo life came the realization that most of the myths about what makes beautiful skin are just that. They’re often propagated to what else? sell cosmetics you probably don’t need in the first place. Who really gives a hoot about what happens to your skin?

Well, I care. So here are but a few of the beauty myths that you ought to see for what they are nonbeautiful nonsense.

Myth No. 1: Always splash your face with cold water after washing it. Sure. Go ahead, if you want to lock in all the impurities that today’s polluted air can dish out and onto your skin.

The simple fact is that you should never use cold water on your face. You may skinny-dip in any icy ocean, if the spirit moves you, but when you wash, wash hot. For hot is the only way your skin can receive the benefits of the good things you put on it (and we’ll tell you what they are). And, equally important, when your skin is hot, it can catch its breath. So kill Myth No. 1.

Myth No. 2: Never wash your face with soap and water particularly if you’re over twenty.

Nonsense! As Dr. Laszlo once remarked in an interview, “If God had not given us water, I would have had to create it.” There was plenty of flak from that remark, but the doctor was right. Soap and water are the basic and essential ingredients for making clean skin. And clean skin is the basic ingredient for beautiful skin.

So don’t let Myth No. 2 get you. You won’t end up a wrinkled old crone, just from washing your face. In fact, an unwashed face seems as unsavory as an unwashed body, now doesn’t it? Forget Myth No. 2.

Myth No. 3: The older you get, the more you need creams moisturizing creams, hormone creams, night creams, cold creams, slathered and lathered on in a horribly creamy mess.

No/ You may need some cream all right, but probably a lot less than you believe. For some inexplicable reason, most women unless their skins are unmistakably oily insist they have dry skin. It has become almost a status symbol to say so. I thought so, too, until Dr. Laszlo educated me to think differently. How happy I am that I was informed in time. For the cream-need myth is possibly one of the most dangerous to your skin’s beauty. So dangerous that I’m going to devote a chapter to avoiding it. Avoid Myth No. 3.

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