How important is il lo go for facials?

How important is il lo go for facials?_6.jpg

Jennifer Leng: Sometimes, yourskin needs extra care, and facials are meant for the treatments that cannot be done by yourself at home. Not all skin conditions require regular facial treatments. However, facial treatments are meant to analyse your skin problems. Itis important for a professional to take a look at your skin condition in order to advise you on how to care for your skin or what products you should use. Going to a beautician is so you can get a one on one consultation and you can ask questions and have someone guide you into the right skincare. It is the duty of thebeautician to give you the correct prescription, observe your skin condition and tell you when to increase or decrease your product usage. This is also why it is very important to consult in a trustworthy beautician.

How important is il lo go for facials?_6.jpgHow important is il lo go for facials?_30.jpgHow important is il lo go for facials?_11.jpg

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