How to Apply Eye Makeup


Removing eye makeup (even waterproof mascara) ı emovıng eye makeup can kead to raccoon smudges and if you’ve been wearing waterproof mascara, those smudges can seem almost indelible. Sherry Harris, vice president of education at Clinique, discovered a mess proof technique while experimenting wfth her company’s Extremely Gentle Eye Makeup Remover. Pioce a small dob of remover directly on your dosed eyefid and gentty nıb it around the eye area to loosen the mascara and makeup,19 says Harris.

“Then, wrap a tissue around your kıdex finger and wipe up and oway from the underside of yoor lashes as H you’re opplying mascara. Close yoor eye ond wipe downward över the top of yoor lashes to remove shadow, mas cara and finer. WHh the fresh paıt of the tissue, wipe the bottom lashes.’ Do one eye at o time, and yoor eyes will be completely free of makeupand smodges.

The real difference between men’s and women’s fragrances fragrance, as in fashion, the üne between his and hers is bluring. Unisex scents like One, Comme des Garçons and Eau Parfumee by Bvlgari are best sellers, and companies that do choose to create mal e and female versions of scents are making them similar (like L’Eau d’Issey). That doesn’t mean that the idea of different fra grances for men and women has become obsolete. “There are stili fra grance ingredients that haven’t crossed över that are used to create overdy feminine or masculine scents,” says Susan Virtue, vice president Creative fragrance director of Givaudan Roure. Here, she identifies the few more traditionally male and female fragrance ingredients.

1 Clary sage, tarragon (Tuscany per Uomo Forte, Chanel Egoiste Platinum, Nautica, Clinique Chemistry)

1 Woody notes: cedarwood, sondalwood, vetiver (Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren, Halsfon Catalyst for Men, Nightffîght)


Leather (Heritage by Gueriam)

Oakmoss or free moss (Kenzo pour Homme, Pierre Cardin Insatiable, Giorgio Beverly Hills Wings for Men)


How to Apply Eye Makeup

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