How to clean face skin

A Is for . . .

Guess what? You’re all clean and ready to make very sure your skin is where it should be on the pH range. And so you’re going to put on something acid.

Remember, we’re obviously not talking about strong acid. We’re talking about the kind of acid that comes with our old friend, cider vinegar, for example. Or lemon juice.

Now there are many new products on the beauty market, with a new one coming every day just like a new you and so you’ve fresheners and astringents galore to choose from. But first you’re going to get out your trusty strip of Nitrazine and dip it into that product and make sure it never turns more than tan. That puts it safely into the protective acidity range of 4.5 to 5.5. No more, no less.

If you frequent the health-food store near you, and we hope you do, then you will no doubt find acid astringents there. If you don’t want to buy a thing, then here’s the easy answer. Let your lathery water go and wash that basin out again. (No more putting soap back onto your face.) Then fill er up again with fresh hot water, to which you add a goodly amount of cider vinegar. Or lemon juice, if you prefer. And then rinse all over again. And you’re wearing your homemade acid mantle.

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