How to Get Beautiful and Flawless Skin?

Clear, Don’t Cover

I maintain that everyone, without exception, can have beautiful skin, assuming she (or he for it’s just as important to a man, and pimples on any gender do not “attractive” make) is willing to work on it. Endlessly. Now I know that someone is going to attack me for that statement, but it won’t change my opinion one iota. For I’ve seen too many seemingly miraculous skin re-makes in my day not to believe.

I am, of course, assuming basic good health, for good health is basic to beauty, and I hope that I’ve given you (and you’ll be getting more) enough information to assure that for you. But then basic good health is basic to much more than beauty it’s basic to life, so obviously you start with health. You train yourself always to think about what you’re doing to your body to keep it in great shape in every sense of that word.

As for skin years ago I did a story for The New York Times in which I predicted transparent makeup as the coming face fashion. My leadoff sentence was, “If you don’t have great skin, you’d better get to work on it fast since soon there’ll be nowhere to hide.” That little sentence was killed pronto by my copy-editor, who called it a “scare lead” and could not be moved from his opinion that, since everyone doesn’t have good skin, we shouldn’t frighten the ones who didn’t. My argument was (and still is) that everyone can. No dice. That lead was killed anyway, which is too bad, since it simply meant I’ve had to put off saying it in print until now.

But I believe my point was clear. And it was that even the commercial cosmetics companies, whose job it is to sell and sell and sell some more, have caught on to what good skin specialists have known all along. And that is that it’s far better to fix whatever is wrong than to cover up a bad situation with layers of gooey makeup. Goo that’s
bound to make that bad situation worse, In point of fact, many cosmetics companies along with most of the female population are more concerned with maintaining a healthy skin than with good cover-ups. Thank goodness. For what I want you to do is work at getting the kind of skin no woman would want to hide. And then keep it glowing and showing.

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