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Bright Eyes

I am going to have very little to say on the subject of eyes, except to say that, if you’ve followed your regimen to the letter the regimen for healthy living, that is your baby blues should be bright and sparkling. For, once again, health shows up all over, and a sprightly sparkle to the eyes usually means a person’s feeling sprightly. A dull and listless look means just that less than perfect health.

But the main reason I’m going to have very little to say about eyes is that here is one part of you I believe belongs strictly in the hands of the trained medical doctor. Your eye doctor, to be precise. Your vision is nothing to fool around with and, in the chapter on cosmetics, I’ve already told you a few things to watch for when it comes to such things as eyedrops that could possibly be injurious to your eyes. Eyesight is precious, and, if you’ve lost it, there’s no regaining it, no matter how well you eat. And so I would prefer to hand over any and all eye health problems to your eye doctor. I do not mean one of those people who will give you discount eyeglasses. I am suspicious of those, though they may in some cases be perfectly legitimate. I am talking about medical doctors, specializing in eye problems. Those are the people to see when such problems arise.

There are, however, a few little hints I might give you. Watch out for sun, which is, as we already know, one of the worst enemies of beautiful skin. It is also possibly injurious to your eyesight while you’re suntanning, unless you take great care to protect your eyelids. That’s the problem how to protect them. For your eyelids are thin-skinned and they have a tendency to absorb things right into the eye itself, causing possible blindness if you don’t watch out.

I have queried a great many cosmetics people on the best possible sun protection to use on eyelids when one is tanning. Mainly because, in my later (read that as older) years, my eyelids have suddenly begun to burn and swell to frog-eyed non-beauty, while the rest of me goes on to a fine-turned tan. The cosmetics flock don’t have many answers other than to say that any sunscreen that does not repeat, does not say “avoid contact with the eyes” is probably safe for use on the lids. I am not thoroughly convinced. I would prefer to have a product that is made especially for the eyelid, rather than take my chances with its safety probability. One cosmetics researcher told me, by the way, that zinc oxide ointment was one of the best things to use. But by the same token, I have read, of late, that zinc oxide can be toxic and therefore dangerous. So how does one find the truth?

There is, of course, the possibility of wearing sunglasses, if you don’t object to white-ringed eyes, which I do. Or you can do as the South-of-France crowd does and wet small pieces of cotton to be placed over the eyes while you’re flat-out. But if you have skin as delicate as mine you’ll still end up with white circles. It’s a problem, and one I’m still searching for the answer to. One answer I know already. If the label on any sunscreen tells you to steer clear of the eyes, you’d better do it. I’d rather have circles than no sight, and I’m sure you would, too.

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