How to Get Great Lips


If women were allowed to use only one item of make-up, most of us would choose lipstick. As a result, it is slightly surprising that when it comes to taking care of our kissers, most of us are guilty of neglect. Remember that the lips do not have a strong lipid barrier, so they dry out quickly, and the habit of constant licking makes this dehydration worse. The lips have no sebaceous glands either, which makes them almost totally reliant on external moisturizer to keep them in peak condition.

The best thing you can do to achieve a perfect pair of pouters is treat them to a daily ritual: first exfoliate (brush them very gently with a toothbrush ifyou do not want to splash out on a special cream), then hydrate with a protective balm. Remember that smoking and exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays cause ugly vertical lines to appear around the mouth, so invest in a product with UV protection and never leave home without it and, ideally, try to stop smoking.


The neck and decolletage are two of the sexiest parts of the body when we are young, and two of the least attractive as we get older. Make sure you take care ofyour neck and chest area with one of the excellent anti-ageing neck creams on the market (Clarins, Estee Lauder and Guerlain all make good ones). Do not wait until it is just too late.


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