How to Look Beautiful Without Makeup

The Big Bad B’s Beef and Booze

I’m so accustomed to saying “Bully for B” meaning those beautiful B vitamins, of course that I forget about the two B’s that are bad! Bad for your shape, bad for your hair, bad for your skin, bad for your beauty! They are booze and (you’ll be as surprised as I was) beef. Surely you’ve gathered by now that there’s very little beauty in booze. It may make you feel beautiful momentarily. But when you check out your mirror the next morning you’ll get the real picture. Clearly! Alcohol dries up your hair, wrinkles up your skin, breaks off your nails, ruins your digestion, robs you of your sleep, and wrecks your shape! Do you still want it??

Then let me tell you that it eats up all those beautiful B vitamins as well. (Conversely, B vitamins are good cure for a hangover, if you don’t give a hoot about how you look!) If the B vitamins go well, watch your hair turn white and go thatched-roof on you. Look at the lines under those hung-over eyes.

No matter what manner of shaper-upper diet you’ve selected, alcohol is a no, no, NO! Although alcohol itself contains zero carbohydrates, it can be converted into carbohydrates by your ever-sneaky metabolism. Any low-carbohydrate diet doctor will take away that bottle quick as a wink the moment your weight stops falling. On a low-calorie diet well, if you really want to drink all your meals, you may feel happy, but you certainly won’t be beautiful. If you just cannot make do without alcohol, try to limit it to one small glass of wine per day. In case you’re interested, I gave it up. Beautiful!

As for beef well, if you’re a typical American, you’ve no doubt been brainwashed into thinking that beef is diet food. It is, if you’re dieting to gain weight. But otherwise, that traditional steak-and-salad meal that people think is a diet one actually represents approximately a day and a half in the life of a serious dieter. That’s how many calories are in beef. If you’re on the low-carbohydrate-high-protein regimen, beef is high in protein, all right. But you can bet it’s one of the first things to go right along with booze when weight no longer speeds off.

Just picture beef as one of the most fattening things you can gnaw. If you are really serious about washing away excess bulk, then wash away that steak-as-diet-food picture. You might also consider recent research into all the possibly-cancer-causing things that are injected into beef before it gets into your mouth, such as female hormones to fatten up the little steer that’s going to market. Consider that the government is presently doing research into just how much of this hormone remains in your body. Women might not worry so much, but how about men? Some folk say it’s the cause behind the whole fem lib movement! Think on it before you order another steak.

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