How to lose weight fast in 2 weeks

How to lose weight fast in 2 weeks The Optimal Diet

Kitty is assembling her family’s food supplies for the week. As she makes her way up and down the supermarket aisles shes outwardly serene, inwardly in turmoil.

“Eggs? No, they raise cholesterol levels. Chocolate cookies? The kids will howl if I don’t buy them. How bad can they be? Potatoes are on sale. Better not, they’re starchy. Margarine or butter? Wish I could remember what I read about that. Bananas should be safe. Did someone tell me they’re gassed before picking? Oh, my God, I wish I knew what I was doing.”

Do you approach your food shopping with similar confusion? Have all the nutritionists’ warnings left you feeling totally inadequate in the supermarket?

Dr. Michael Jacobson, a food scientist with the Center for Science in the Public Interest, believes the average shopper has a lot to learn. In his view the country’s major food marketers are cunning adversaries, dedicated to “private wealth” rather than “public health,” and he advises consumers to grow adept at identifying their devious ways. The following quiz, designed to assess your nutritional know how, was prepared with his help. Select the answer, (A) or (B), you think most appropriate:

1. A number of food additives have been linked to detrimental health effects. If you were trying to avoid the two worst additives, you would read labels care fully to steer away from products containing (A) Poly sorbate 60 and EDTA; (B) sugar and artificial coloring.

2. Fiber or roughage is removed from wheat and rice when they are processed. Since fiber does not contain any vitamins or minerals, it is nutritionally worthless. (A) True; (B) False.

3. You are sure to increase the nutritional adequacy of your diet by carefully choosing foods labeled as having been “enriched” during manufacture. (A) True; (B) False.

4. All fruits are good and nutritious, but the one that contains the most vitamins per average serving is (A) a wedge of watermelon; (B) an apple.

5. A wise choice for a nutritious and healthy dessert is fruit flavored gelatin. (A) True; (B) False.

6. The riboflavin (vitamin B2) that is contained in milk is best protected against loss by (A) a waxed paper carton; (B) a clear glass bottle.

7. Meat is an excellent source of protein. You are making a better nutritional buy when purchasing (A) choice or prime cuts of beef; (B) good or standard grades of beef.

8. If you were relying on carrots for your daily vitamin A supply, you would be wise to eat (A) raw young tender carrots; (B) steamed or boiled older mature carrots.


Think you did pretty well? Score yourself as follows:

Question 1. (A) 1 point; (B) 2 points

Question 2. (A) 1 point; (B) 2 points

Question 3. (A) 1 point; (B) 2 points

Question 4. (A) 2 points; (B) 1 point

Question 5. (A) 1 point; (B) 2 points

Question 6. (A) 2 points; (B) 1 point

Question 7. (A) 1 point; (B) 2 points

Question 8. (A) 1 point; CB) 2 points

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