How to lose weight fast naturally

What did she do?
Mary Anne abandoned the crackers she ate with lunch and the potato she had with dinner, she gave up the popcorn, cake, and pizza she was used to snacking on during the day, she didn’t put sugar in her coffee, she eschewed the occasional soft drink, she relinquished her breakfast orange juice, and, temporarily, she even gave up the vegetables she ate at dinner.
She was eating ham and eggs for breakfast, tuna fish for lunch, and chicken, pork chops, or steak for dinner. After the first few days, it was evident that she had had no trouble getting into BDK, and we added a salad at lunch and a salad at dinner.
“By the second week, I realized I felt really good. I had a lot more energy than I’d had on the old diet, and I wasn’t hungry.”

Not being hungry is a typical result of being in BDK and one of the great initial attractions of the diet.
There was soon another reinforcement to keep on the diet: Mary Anne was losing weight ten pounds in sixteen days. After five weeks, she’d lost 21 pounds, and her blood pressure was 120 78.
It took nine months to get Mary Anne Evans to 139 pounds, which was pretty close to where she wanted to be. Leaving 70 pounds behind, she’s discarded one third of the person she’d been.

“It was so easy to do this. I lost weight without any hassle, I was eating things I really liked to eat anyway, and I was never hungry. You said if I was hungry then I should eat as much as I wanted and anything I wanted as long as it had no carbohydrates, and that’s what I did. And the change in my life was incredible. Before, my favorite position had been sitting. Now I go out camping with my youngest son, who’s in the Boy Scouts, and last summer I went horseback riding in the Rockies. The people at the lab where I work can’t believe the new me. I go out to lunch with some of the other women who are on diets, and they can’t seem to lose weight, and they’re hungry. And I’m sitting there eating a hamburger and a large salad.”

Another two years have passed. Mary Anne’s weight hovers around 142. She has a glass of wine before dinner a couple of nights a week, and she eats two potatoes weekly. Her only other carbohydrates are vegetables and salads and plenty of them. She’s on a luxury diet that she perfectly well enjoys. She’s full of energy, and her blood pressure is normal. She’s a typical Atkins dieter.

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