How to lose weight fast with exercise

Correcting DRD was the key to most of my patients getting a new lease on health. In addition, hypertension, diabetes, and most cardiovascular conditions respond with extraordinary rapidity to this diet. Since I was a practicing cardiologist when I began to prescribe the diet and 30 to 40% of my large patient population is still made up of people with cardiovascular problems, you can imagine how much of my success is based on the diet’s heart benefits.

Sixth: The diet works because, as an increasing body of scientific evidence shows, it hooks onto the basic factor in both the control of obesity and the control of most of the modem degenerative illnesses. That factor is the excessive levels of insulin, an essential hormone in the human body. Insulin governs the basic mechanism by which the body lays on fat. When found in excessively high levels we medical folk call that state hyperinsulinism it vigorously promotes diabetes, atherosclerosis, and hypertension.

Thus the Atkins diet partly by serendipity, for I had no intention of attacking the modem degenerative diseases when I first developed the diet finds itself at the center of health planning for long, vigorous life.

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