How to lose weight fast without exercise

This Diet Must Have Special Advantages

Yes. That is, you bet it does. Here are six reasons why the diet works.
First: It creates more fat mobilization than any other diet you have ever encountered. It has been proven (repeatedly) that it takes off more fat than other diets on which you would be eating an equal number of calories.
Second: A low carbohydrate diet is not austere. Sheer hunger is behind most diet failure. A lifetime diet needs to be palatable, pleasant, and filling. The major austerity on this diet is the abandonment of sugar and such refined carbohydrates as white flour. But most people find that, once they shake off the sugar addiction, they feel no strong desire to go back to it. For them, a diet on which they can eat an almost limitless variety of meat and fish and salads and vegetables prepared in the most appetizing manner (i.e. with butter and cream and spices and herbs to taste) is anything but austere. The Atkins diet is a dream diet luxurious, sane, healthy, and varied.

Third: This is the easiest diet on which to maintain weight loss. The trouble with losing weight on an ordinary low calorie diet or on a liquid protein diet is that the maintenance program is so very different from the weight loss program. Thus the pounds return with astonishing speed as, unprepared for maintenance, you go back to your former way of eating. There are sound physiological reasons for this. When you restrict the calories you eat, the body tends to become metabolically committed to putting the weight back on.

Success at maintaining weight loss is the great plus of the Atkins diet. That’s interesting, since what most people know about low carbohydrate dieting is that you can lose a lot of weight on it rapidly. And you can. But that’s not the point. The only useful weight lost is the weight that doesn’t come back again.

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