How to makeup older eyes

tinted fashion photography plate 1901an early example of the face being painted in hues that match the colors of the clothes. At the end of the nineteenth century, actressessuch as the divine Sarah Bernhardtbegan to rise up the social ladder, which helped to alter societal views on makeup. The fascination with, and acceptance of, performers was fundamental in the rise of the makeup industry. One of the first British fashion magazines, La Belle Assembl e, was published in 1806. It contained colored plates of Regency fashion styles, and though it never discussed cosmetics, its illustrations depict women who are quite obviously rouged and lipsticked, with flushed cheeks and small, dark rosebud lips. Similarly, one of the first European magazines, the French Les Modes, founded in 1901, featured images of society women wearing various designers, often with conspicuous makeup. In several 1901 issues of Les Modes, the featured models and upper-class women display makeup that coordinates with the color of their clothes. For example, the image on the previous page shows a woman in a brown dress wearing a brownish-orange shade blush and brown lipstick. The color would have been hand painted onto the image, but the similarity of the shades used (in comparison to the consistently pink-rouged cheeks shown in La Belle Assembl e) strongly suggests that fashion and makeup were really beginning to merge. Images in magazines are all about picking up ideas, and a plate like this would have prompted a woman to think about matching her makeup with her outfita new concept at the time. Although advertisements for beautifying services or products, such as hairdressers or perfume, are included in Les Modes, cosmetics were still very much underground, and so there are no articles or ads explicitly promoting makeup.

How to makeup older eyes

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Eye Makeup Tips for Older Women


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