And here is where approximately million people, the world over, engage in the sport of separating the ones who have it from the ones that don’t. Over the years, I’ve appeared as a presenter on this televised extravaganza half a dozen times, with varying degrees of misgivings and success. The first question asked of anyone who agrees to present an Oscar is, What are you going to wear? Whether or not this should be top priority is another question the debate over the Awards show as a serious broadcast to honor artistic achievement versus the Academy Awards as a fashion show cum hype for the movie industry has never been resolved. I’d venture to say it’s both. The fact remains that without a glamorous and exciting style of presentation, the Academy Awards would not be the same spectacular we’ve all come to know and love. What to Wear Chances are even the most faithful movie fan will not remember from one year to the next who won or lost, but they may recall down to the last detail what so and so was wearing! Deciding how to dress, then, can be an agonizing and excruciating task. Most attending actresses consider it the absolute pits! Some of us improve our stock with this brief appearance.


ILARY BLASI STYLE 2015 picture

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