In-flight exercise

In-flight exercise

All you lucky people jetting off to far-flung places for your holidays will be pleased to hear that a yoga programme has been devised to stretch and relax you while you’re stuck in your limited-leg-room seat. The programme is available only on internal flights in America at the moment, but bound to head our way soon. It’s the perfect way to fend off deep-vein thrombosis, not to mention quell those travel jitters – and much healthier than downing several large gin-and-tonics!

If you’re still not convinced, just think about those pesky kids in front who insist on reclining their seat – a swift kick, followed by, a, “So sorry, I was just practising my yoga” should do the trick.


‘Nothing burns body fat like resistance training. For best results, complement one intense training session with three sessions of cardiovascular workouts and watch your body change within weeks!’ Mark Anthony, celebrity personal trainer and founder ofTotal Body Development System.

The sun’s out, and you’ve got the urge to do some exercise. Well, playing volleyball with some gorgeous lifeguard types beats sweating it out in the gym. Still not convinced? Check out how good for your waistline the following sports can be.

Nestle Double Cream ice cream (248 calories)

Tesco vegetarian sushi (290 calories)

Waitrose tortilla chips 25g (128 calories)

Safeway summer pudding 135g (196 calories)

Summer Fruits Skittles 55g pack (220 calories)

McDonald’s regular strawberry milkshake (400 calories)

1 Pret a Manger tuna Nigoise salad (194 calories)

Marks & Spencer chocolate sundae 28g pot (69 calories)


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