Unfortunately, it looks like something from The Exorcist. Maybe that’s not a coincidence, because if something ails you, here comes this green remedy to save the day! The Wonder Soup equalizes your system and helps to cleanse away all of your transgressions. In addition, anytime you feel low, sluggish, or run down and on the verge of catching something, it’s an excellent remedy. I always take it to ward off colds or the flu, and I haven’t had a dose of antibiotics in over three years! Although this is not a gourmet treat, I’ve come to enjoy the subtle flavor of this saltless soup. When you see how healthy you look and feel, it begins to taste pretty good. Sometimes, if I’ve had a rough night, I even eat it for breakfast! Nutritionists A New Breed There are so many factors that affect each of us differently and thus our digestion, and the nutrients we need that no formula diet can work for everyone. I’ve tried here to give you the basics of good nutrition, and perhaps some tips that will help you.


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