Is running the best way to lose weight

Artificial Colors and Flavors. The admirable judicial concept of “innocent until proven guilty” cannot be applied when it comes to foods containing these chemical additives. Some food manufacturers, since they are not required to state the presence of artificial colors and flavors on their products, have package labels which are void of such information. Where possible, it is best to avoid these foods, which more often than not contain such additives: most brands of ice cream, other frozen desserts, dessert and cake mixes, bakery products, oleomargarine, many breakfast cereals, gelatin desserts, candies, chewing gum, jam or jelly, luncheon meats, frankfurters, Kiddie drinks, canned fruit juice punches and drinks. Many processed cheeses and cheese products, as well as colorfully coated pills (including some vitamin products) also contain these harmful additives and should be avoided where possible.

Label reading will help to this extent: products free from artificial additives generally proclaim their “innocence” on the package. Try to limit your food purchases to those items whose labels boast of all natural ingredients.

Did that list of suspect foods sound familiar? It should many that have been named are the ones that should also be avoided because they contain sugar, white flour, hydrogenated fat, or nitrate nitrite additives. Remember, food is like the little girl with the curl in the middle of her forehead: when it’s bad, it’s horrid.

Caloric yield in terms of resistance agents protein, vitamins, and minerals can be greatly increased through wise food selection. When items from the “foods to eat liberally” list make up the bulk of your diet, you can get up to fifty times more nourishment each day than you might otherwise. To show you how this works, we have chosen an adequate day’s menu from the “foods to eat liberally” list and compared its nutritional value to an inadequate menu largely selected from the “foods to avgid” list. The two menus provide an identical number of calories, but there all similarity ends.

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