Is sun aging your hands?

I body part beosity forgotten when it’s time to spreod on the sun scroen: your hands. Tlıat’s why many companles induding La Prairie and Lancome have introduced hand lotions, which you’re more like ty to use dalty, wfth SPF 8 or 15. (They’re also less sticky Ihan regular sun screens.) “The skin on the backs of your hands is at risk because it’s very thin and chronicoKIy exposed to the sun says Darrell Rigel, M.D., associate pro fessor of dermatology at New York University in New York City. Here, Dr. Rigel explains what to look for to assess the sun damage on your hands:

• Freckling or sun spots

• Broken or dilated capillaries

• A noticeable thinning of the skin

• Rough red spots

• Loss of elastîdtyespecially near the knuckles How to slow the process? “Wearing gloves is the best defense, but few people do that unless they’re golfing,” says Dr. Rigel. “Instead, use a sun screen or lotion with at least SPF 15 and reapply every two to three hours when you’re outdoors. If you do it consistently, you can have the hands of a 15 year old when you’re 70.”

On the road: Beauty experts bring you free advice and products If you’ve been in need of expert beauty advice, here’s your chance. This summer, beauty companies are bringing products and expertise to cities across the country: (making ten stops, induding Cleveland; Detroit; Portland, Oregon; San Francisco; Los Angeles). Colorists offer advice, one on one color and hair care consultations and free samples.

Revlon’s Colormobile (stopping in 30 cities, induding Philadelphia; Boston; Atlanta; Orlando, Florida; Miami; Dallas; Houston; San Antonio). Makeup artists provide advice, samples and makeovers.

The Body Shop’s Truck Shop (making at least 40 stops, in cities induding Chicago, Denver, Cincinnati) is an 18 wheeler stocked with products and recyding bins. Makeup artists provide free makeovers.

Below, a map of the routes for the beauty buses during July, August and September. (Cali for updates: (800) 432 HAIR for Clairol; (800) 4 REVLON for Revlon; (800) 541 2535 for The Body Shop.)

Are men and women paying the same price in salons?
Talk into some salons and youll see what seems like the most blatant form of diserimination: a big sign, listing two columns of pıiceshis and hers. Hers prices are higlıer, of course. At a time when she is at least as likelv as he to have cropped hair (and he is as likelv as she to have long locks) such pricing hardty seems fairor legal. Eveıy State has a basic antidiscrimination İaw that should protect people from pricing diserimination based solelv on gender,” says John Banzhaf, a professoı of public interest law at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.. who has initiated seveıal legal aetions against pıactitioners of gender based pricing.

In the past, salons claimed that vomen s haircuts vvere more complicated and labor intensive. That rationale is becoming obsolete. “Men’s hair used to be short, basic and cut with clippers everv tvvo veeks,'” says Mary Atherton, editör in chief of Modem Salon magazine. “Now, mens stvles often require the same techniques as women’s. A difference in mens and womens cuts doesn’t exist anymore. That s whv you 11 now find salon chains like Yidal Sassoon, Supeıcuts, Horst, and Yellow Strawberrv Global Salons charging by stylist, not by gender.

(Some add charges for styling and products that go beyond the basics.) In areas slow to establish standaıd pricing. legal aetion is speeding the process. This summer, Banzhaf and many of his students successfully sued several ashington, D.C., salons vith his and her prices. In some Statesinduding Califomia and Massachusettslegislators have passed bills that end gender based pricing. So if you’re stili being chaıged more because of your gender, speak up.

Is sun aging your hands?

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