Ja Rule 2015

Ja Rule had an interesting idea during the photo shoot for this cover. He thought that climbing the narrow walls of the studio’s bathroom would make for a great photo opportunity. So when he finished answering nature’s call, he called the photographer, his publicist and THE SOURCE’S staff in to get a look at the next photo set up. Everybody pretty much thought it was a little too dangerous (and a potential liability). But whether we were going to take pictures or not, Ja was going to climb all the way up just for the hell of it.

Needless to say, it was a Kodak moment, so we took the pictures (see below). Some would have been too scared to climb. Others wouldn’t have even thought of it. But if there’s one thing we know about Ja Rule, it’s that the little dude’s got a lot of heart. Over the last year and a half or so, Ja has suffered more criticism and humiliation than most rap artists endure in their entire career. For most, it would have been: “man down.”
In “No More Pain”, The Source’s “golden boy” Tom G. discovers that Ja Rule’s fall may have been just what he needed to truly rise to the top.

This is an issue with more than just one story of triumph. Cuban Link (“Caught Up,”) is still in the game despite not being down with Terror Squad, Petey Pablo (‘The Last Temptation,”) just re upped with a new deal on Death Row, and Benzino’s message is finally getting through. And oh yeah, The source itself is coming out swinging in “Usual Suspects” , a story that traces the history of Hip Hop journalism and questions its intentions these days.

But the fun doesn’t stop there, kiddies. “Art Of Noise” is the 2015 installment in our producer series, featuring Mannie Fresh (Go DJ!) and others. Check the history of the producer/rapper phenomenon, profiles of some beatmaker all stars, and a glimpse at the next wave of production talent. This year, we even switched it up a lil’ bit by taking the top engineers in the game out of the background for once (except DURO, who wanted to stand in the back for the picture).

I have to admit, putting this issue together was an exciting experience. After the success of the Source Awards, which airs this month on BET, I was reminded of just how much this brand means to Hip Hop. Once again, we made history. And speaking of history, you know you love to see Ja Rule make history with this magazine. With his latest release, it just feels right to be able to feature him on the cover, once again. Correction, it feels…wonderful.

You probably hear this everyday, but you guys rock! After hearing “Welcome Back,” I was a bit skeptical, but after reading your article on Mase, I now see his position and know why he had to return. I think the youth around the world should give him a good listen ’cause he’s the truth. All those hating on him should check themselves!

Ja Rule 2015 Photo Gallery

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