James Franco Workout Routine Diet Plan

Don’t share. Everyone will want to eat your food, especially on grape day s. Don’t let them. Your generosity can get you in trouble. What happens if you ran out?

Use your imagination with frait. Try eating some of it with a knife and fork. It doesn’t have to be finger food. See “I Bought It, Now What?” in Chaptdr VI for some clever ideas on what to do with frait.

If something appears tempting, remind yourself that you only know it tastes good because you have tasted it before, and by the same token you can taste it again. It’s not leaving the planet. It will stili be here tomorrow.

I was at La Scala Boutique, a restaurant in L.A., on an abysmal blind date; my weight was up; and I was on pineapple. The steaming bread and butter had never smelled so good. I kept repeating to myself, “It’s not leaving the planet. The restaurant is not buming down; it will be here tomorrow.”

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