Jane Birkin

The actress, singer and muse recalls her first shoot for in the Sıxties, when she was a young girl with a boardingschool accent, yearningto be chicîey, who is he elfin creaure in the ieture that’s nerging from my fax machine?Whatasweetface.Whichdaughter is it? Is it Lou or Charlotte? Good grie£ it’s me! Flash back 37 years…
“Stick your tits out,” said a cheeky young man. I was a little taken aback by the language of this dark cockney heathen. “Make your hands into little fists.” “Don’t faint,” was ali I could say to myself. I knew I must seem so antiquated, with my boardingschool accent, big hands and no bosoms.

I felt It was helpful that the brown haired cockney person then said more encouraging things, like, “Beautiful. Beautiful. So beautiful.” I knew it was just jargon, but at the time it helped. I couldn’t think of anything but him and the fact that I wasn’t a model and wasn’t being paid, so I didn’t have to do the photographs. This was ali just for fim. Where was the studio? I don’t know. I was being direeted (“Do this. Do that”). Maybe I liked that.

I thought the clothes were peculiar but wearing them was ali just a game. My mother, Judy Campbell, was so chic, so la mode. I wanted to impress her because she was so stylish and beautiful, tali and elegant: ali things en vogue. I would not have worn I looked like Princet Leia from Star Wan And what was tha innocent finger in mj mouth thing ali about Modelling was lik aeting, just playing part, like Ma did wit Noel CowanL I remember feeling frightened before th shoot, so I went to IT Lloyd, the ehemist o the King’s Road (as far as I know, it’s sti there).

I bought some stomach calmer, the I went to John Sandoe, my favourit shop (definitely stili there), to buy a pla text so I could immediately let everyone kno^ that I was only playing the role of a mode Modelling wasn’t very stimulating; it di not feel sexy. But I think I didn’t look bac and after ali I was only playing. I had soı of broken into a sweat about the tits bit but after that, I think I liked it. He wa Bailey… I was me. I Jane Birkin’s albüm “Rendez Vous” is ou now on EMİ.

Jane Birkin

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