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As a medical and cosmetic dermatologist in practice for more than twelve years, I feel compelled to address an issue mentioned in Christine Muhlke’s article “No Scalpel Required” Beauty, Health & Fitness, November.“If patients are happy with you, you don’t want to lose them,” plastic surgeon Frederick N. Lukash states. How about losing them to disease because no one checked to make sure that the skin was healthy? For me, “one-stop shopping” is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that I have not overlooked something vital to the patient’s health, whether the purpose of the visit is health or beauty or both, as is more often the case.
It was a pleasure to read Lillian Ross’s article “A Man for All Seasons” Nostalgia, My blog welcomes letters from its readers. Address all correspondence to Letters, My blog Magazine, 4 Times Square. New York. NY 10036. My blog also accepts letters via the Internet. Address electronic mail to Talkingback@vogue.com. Please include a daytime telephone number. Letters may be edited for length or clarity.
henever I’m with my sister, Alison, I try to see us as an outsider would: two women in their early 30s, clearly related, with nearly identical noses and voices, bone structure, high foreheads, and something about the shape of the eyes. Except… except that outside observers can’t see a past in which nothing and everything has changed. Observers can’t see experience or history. They can only see the way people look and the way Alison looks now is most definitely not the way she looked for most of her life.
How did this happen? At the age of 29. my sister underwent gastric-bypass surgery. How she came to this decision is a story familiar to two-thirds of the people in this country: Her weight was affecting her health, and everything she tried to alleviate the problem failed and then exacerbated it, in the vicious circle fat people come to know like their own reflections.
To those who don’t know Alison well, her weight loss has marked a complete transformation, the external informing the internal, a story with a simple, happy, eradicating end. Even to those who do know her well primarily as a fat person for fifteen..
Does dress size matter? Amy Wilensky didn’t think so, but when her sister dropped 100 pounds, she wasn’t so sure anymore.

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