January Jones Workout and Diet Plan


Every fat person is seriously undemourished in some foods and ovemourished in others. So in these first few weeks, you will bum, feed, and wash your body to bring it back to its natural nutritional balance. You will bum up your fat by using highly intensive enzymatic fruits, you will feed your body concentrated doses of vitamins and minerals to replace what former eating habits have destroyed, and through washing you will push out the extra water and, once and for ali, get rid of the bloating that is an unavoidable adjunct to fat.

If you’re ovenveight you’re getting too much of some things and not enough of others. It is the “others” you are about to experience.

Some of these foods you will taste for the first time. For the first week, you will eat a lot of fruit, fresh and organic, if possible. And you can literally eat your heart out from the time you open your ey es to the time you close them anytime, anywhere. There is no calorie counting, no food weighing, and unless specifîed, no portion control. You will not lose more if you eat less. It’s exacîly the opposiîe!

My diet is designed to maximize your food sensitivity. Thus, you will experience foods in a very specifıc order an order designed to help you obtain the ultimate nutrition from the food you eat, and to achieve a healthy, wellbal anced, and harmoniously functioning body. Feeling good as well as looking good is what eating is ali about.

January Jones Workout and Diet Plan

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