Jay Hernandez Workout Routine Diet Plan


Physical Exercise

Don’t be afraid to do physical exercise during these fîrst weeks. You are feeding your body pure energy. I’m not adding an exercise program to the Beverly Hills Diet, be cause most of you feel guilty enough to begin with. Why should I give you something else to feel guilty about? An other excuse to set yourself up to fail? Something else you have to do that you don’t want to do and won’t do?

If you want to exercise, terrific. Ali the better. The best things you can do are aerobics walking, running, and swimming or yoga. At this point in the diet, the purpose of exercise is really to help you get in touch with your body, to make you conscious of it. Frankly, the amount of calories you’ll bum up is rela tively unimportant.

But the awareness you’ll gain is not. That’s the big benefıt of exercise, at least at this stage of the losing game. Don’t misunderstand. Firming, stretching, and improv ing breathing are happy side effects of exercise. But right no w, I am most Concemed with your consciousness. It is the melding of your mind and body that will make the Beverly Hills Diet work for you forever. Under no circumstances should you exercise with weights. Building muscles is obviously not our objective.

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