Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyles & Makeup Looks

Dual- and multipurpose products cut steps and time from your routine. From formulations that feel lighter and sheerer than ever, you’re getting speed, simplicity and a fresher look. Check out: Liquid-to-powder foundations like Cover Girl Replenishing Liquid Powder Make-Up or L’Oreal Dualite Perfectly Flawless Compact Makeup. Packaged in compacts, these formulas go on wet (as liquid) or diy (as powder), making them perfect for touch-ups during the day. Tinted moisturizers, such as Molton Brown Moisture Tint or Givenchy Teint Voyage, combine two steps in one, three if they have SPF protection, like Donna Karan New York SPF 20 Sheer Color Moisturizer. Dominique Szabo, senior vice president for product development at Estee Lauder, recommends a do-it-yourself version: Mix a dab of cream blush in your palm with your regular moisturizer. foundation or sunscreen for a subtle allover glow. Multipurpose products are available in all kinds of combinations. There’s Elizabeth Arden Slenderliner Eye Pencil, a liner and brow pencil in one; Make Up For Ever Lip/Concealer Pencil (concealer on one end and lip liner on the other);
Clinique Quick Eyes, a pencil that cleverlv combines shadow and liner; and the more conventional combos like Chanel Eye Essentials, with tonal shades of shadow, cake mascara and liner in one compact. Multiuse color, a single tint that can work in two or three places cheeks, eyes, Jips. They come in cream, powder, even liquid and pencil versions. Clinique Sun Blushing Bronze Doubles Brush-on Powders work for cheeks and eyes; BeneTint, a liquid formula packaged and brushed on like nail polish, colors lips and cheeks, as does Trish McEvoy Lip and Cheek Pencil, which has a chubby shape that makes it easy to manipulate.

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