Jennifer Lopez Hair Styles & Makeup 2015

A Firm Promise It looks like

We owe shellfish another round of applause (they did pretty well with pearls, no?). Collagen has been a popular injectable plumper of lips and eraser of lines, but bovine collagen the standard form never achieved miracle-ingredient status in skin care.

Recently, though, new, more effective collagens that hold out hope for rapid, visible improvements have been developed. Prada’s new Reviving Bio-Firm Moisture SPF 15/Face contains marine collagen found in mollusks which has been shown to plump skin’s upper layers while stimulating collagen synthesis.

The formula, which also contains elastin from mollusk filaments and silk, creates a microscopic mesh layer over skin, giving it a firming sensation. Not bad for a squishy invertebrate.

Jennifer Lopez Hair Styles & Makeup 2015

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