Jennifer Love Hewitt Recipe


This is a very interesting meat dish which has probably originated in Central Asia and has travelled west with the movement of the nomads. It is the national dish of Mongolia and is certainly related to the Mant’ou, a family of steamed stuffed breads of Chinese origin. I was particularly interested to discover it in Turkey. It is the type of food that can be prepared in quantity and then heated up at a later time and is therefore ideal for a
nomadic people, or shepherds far from home, who can thus provide themselves with a hot meal quickly and in difficult conditions.

1 lb flour (this will make about For the stuffing:
3 5 mantt) i lb minced lamb
i egg i large onion
Salt 4 or 5 sprigs parsley
Cold water i egg
Black pepper and salt

To make the dough: Put the flour into a large basin with the salt and break the egg into the centre, adding just enough cold water to make a dough. Knead this very well and leave aside. Make the stuffing by grating the onion into the mince, together with the finely chopped parsley, the seasoning and egg, and squeeze well with your hand until it is smoothly mixed. Now roll out the dough with plenty of flour on the table until it is as large as possible and as thin as can be handled without breaking. Use a long thin stick for this and you will find it much easier to manage.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Recipe

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