Jerry’s Burger Bar Observatory and Park Road, Cape Town

There’s very little that can beat a good burger every now and then, and Jerry’s burgers are right up there with the best of them: great meat, delicious toppings … and crispy, fabulous chips. All good! The Krone Chardonnay Pinot Noir is lovely anyway, but its very clever Helix Twist top is a total win: it’s a cork you can twist and turn to open the bottle, as you would a champagne cork – with the crucial difference that this one you can put back in! Basically a cork that works like a screw top. Win-win. The first time I heard the word misspeak’ was in 2008 when Hilary Clinton was trying to explain why she’d said she had to evade sniper fire in Bosnia in 1996 – when, in fact, she hadn’t been anywhere near any sniper fire. I misspoke,’ she said when she was caught out. Until then, I never knew misspeaking was an option. I thought we were all pretty much limited to telling a whopper or telling the truth. Obviously, since then we’ve all become very familiar with the notion of misspending (sometimes also referred to in South Africa as to nkandla’), but a while ago I came across the concept of mis-selling ‘, when Lewis Stores was referred to the National Consumer Tribunal for selling insurance to customers who coukln’t possibly claim on it, never mind afford it. While I love the idea that ‘mis’ is such a powerful prefix that it can turn lying and stealing into seemingly completely unintentional mistakes, at this time of year I firmly believe that there is only one viable use for mis’, and that’s in the word mistletoe’. I absolutely love Christmas.

I love all the fraught planning that goes into it, I love the family, the friends, the food, the champagne, the laughter, the tears, the obligatory rows …and I love the fake mistletoe we have to use in South Africa because our climate just isn’t rainy and cold and downright sad enough to grow it ourselves. So – let’s forget about all the other mis’es this month, and concentrate on the last one: it’s a great opportunity to grab everyone we love, drag them under the mistletoe, give them a great big kiss and remind ourselves how lucky we all are. Your article on hormone therapy (October 2015) was informative and impartial.

After consulting with my gynae in 2014, we agreed I’d begin oral HT. I was 49, and experiencing classic menopausal symptoms. My gynae considered me a prime candidate for HT, but the deciding factor was the risk of developing osteoporosis. As a lifetime athlete and Iron-Man finisher, the prospect of a future without sport filled me with dread. After 14 months on HT the nightmare symptoms have disappeared, I’ve summitted Kilimanjaro and trekked to Everest Base Camp. I urge anyone to have that initial discussion with their gynae. HT is not for everyone, but it might be the best thing for you! Cheryl Gibson-Dicks, Jeffreys Bay Ed: We agree; every woman’s situation is different, and we need to talk to a professional who is totally up to date and informed about HT – and who knows us and understands our own situation – to be able to make a properly informed choice. Good for you!

Jerry’s Burger Bar Observatory and Park Road, Cape Town Photo Gallery

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