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A decent live set from one ofthe survivors of the outlaw movement

Now in her 70s, country superstar and widow ofthe late lamented Waylon Jennings is still performing and this live set shows Jessi Colter has lost little of those distinctive, slightly croaky vocals. Working with son Shooter Jennings’ band forthe first time, this set was recorded at Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma on September 20,2013 and is typical Jessi Colter fare with a mixture of covers, self-penned numbers and ofcourse several of her well known hits. The band. Shooter Jennings (keyboards), Matt Lee (guitar), Johnny Stanton (bass) and Scotty Schultz (drums) do a great job with Jessi accompanying herself beautifully on the piano.

The album gets off to a rocking start with Mystery Train and the catchy gospel number Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus before Jessi reminisces over her time with Waylon on Without You. Producer David Chernicky joins her briefly on What’s Happened To Blue Eyes but completely ruins the ending by singing his few words disastrously off key. Shooter duets with Jessi on Out Of The Rain and Please Carry Me Home but both are rather spoilt as the couple fluff their lines. Storms Never Last closes the set and this song is crying out for Shooter to take Waylon’s part on one ofthe great country duets of all time. Highlight is ofcourse, Jessi’s number one hit I’m Not Lisa which still makes the hairs on the back ofthe neck stand on end. Colter fans will inevitably be rushing out to buy the album and although it comes with ‘warts and all’, they ought not to be disappointed. John Roffey

Jessi Colter

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