Jessica Alba Los Angeles Style 2015

Jessica Alba Los Angeles Style

Then, inevitably, the photographers are let loose, and as they jostle for position, she goes slack and stares straight ahead until her bodyguard decides they’ve gotten enough. One straggler, off to the side, points at Paltrow and pleads relentlessly with her to look at him. She finally turns her head to give him his shot, and I can see from behind her sunglasses that while her mouth is making the shape of a smile, her eyes are saying something entirely different. When he is gone, she turns around again and says to me with genial resignation, “This might be my last round of fashion shows.

Jessica Alba Los Angeles Style 2015

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I don’t need to put myself in this position anymore. ?

There’s nothing quite like getting married and having a baby to shift a woman’s priorities. For the past ten years, no other Hollywood actress, except perhaps Nicole Kidman, has seemed more at ease in the front row than Gwyneth Paltrow. Often compared to Grace Kelly, Paltrow has an effortless, modem classicism that turned her into a major style icon a role she seemed to relish. But these days, she appears to be almost entirely focused on her husband, Chris Martin, and their little girl, Apple, who turned one on May 14. All of this talk about being “too old” for fashion shows and not wanting to get dressed up is probably the result of spending a year without sleep and no nanny.

Paltrow’s goddess-hippie-mom look may be practical she tells me that it’s because of Apple that she has “embraced” her wavy hair and “just kind of goes with the clothes that are easier to wear” but it is also utterly of the moment. Case in point, she has just signed a multimillion-dollar, multi-year contract to be the new face of Pleasures, one of Estee Lauder’s most successful fragrance.

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