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She’s still acting, of course, but for the past year, Jessica’s been focusing on family… even in the form of her just-launched family-friendly restaurant, Au Fudge. As the name implies, desserts are a focus, but the menu is filled with healthy entrees as well. And the place’s most unique perk is one that Jessica and Justin will probably take advantage of as their family grows: a staff ! of au pairs who’ll whisk away the kids when they’re done eating so the adults can relax!

brother or baby sister, as they originally intended, they might be giving him one of each! That’s right, they’re having twins. They’re going to wait to find out the babies’ genders, the insider clarifies, but they both love the idea of having another boy and a girl. 

And though Jessica and Justin didn’t publicly confirm her first pregnancy until she was very, very far along, she’ll likely begin showing much faster with multiples. Not that she’s concerned about it. Jessica is Jessica, so she’ll stay super-healthy, the insider says. She really isn’t worried about the extra

FIRST FATHER’S DAY Justin shared this shot in June; in the caption, he referred to himself as “the newest member of the Daddy Fraternity. 

TAKING TO THE SKIES In September, Justin showed off a few more intimate family snaps, including this pic of Silas flying high in Daddy’s hands.

SPA TIME WITH MAMA This photo is “postbathtime, Justin explained. No kidding! Looks like Silas might have inherited his mom’s lips weight gain that sometimes comes with twins. Instead of stressing, it seems, she’s listening to her body

and isn’t hesitating to give it what it needs even if that’s junk food: On Feb. 26, Justin and Jessica were seen leaving a pre-Oscars party in Beverly Hills with an entire pizza in tow! When she was expecting Silas, pizza and flatbreads were all she could talk about, the insider reveals. And, of course, as any pregnant lady can tell you, the carb- and fat-laden treat is one of the best possible (short-term) cures for morning sickness, which mothers-to-be of twins often experience in spades.


While Silas, who was bom last April, is still less than a year old, Justin and Jessica enjoy parenthood so much they wanted to start trying for another baby right away. [Silas is] wonderful, Jessica recently gushed. He’s just a joy. It’s an amazing amazing experience. Justin confirmed, in a separate interview, I’ve never slept less and dealt with more poop, and been so excited about it! 

The source suspects that Jessica who expressed anxiety about her ability to get pregnant the first time around may have even used IVF this time in a bid to have more control over the process. There were a few months there where she seemed really jta bloated and tired and irritable, the m insider says. She kept talking about being hormonal.’ I But clearly, the couple pressed on with their baby mission, no matter the strain it I was putting on I Jessica’s body and it paid off!


Of course, with three kids under the age of three, quality shut-eye will be hard to come by for a while. It’s going to be crazy, the insider says, but if anyone can handle it, it’s Jessica and Justin. They’ve vowed to tackle it head-on, hand in hand and with good humor. He keeps saying he’s psyched to pull double diaper duty.’ Justin’s even planned an extravagant Hawaiian babymoon so they can relax before the storm, the source says, adding, They know that it won’t be easy, but they see these babies as a blessing. And their relationship is strong. 

In fact, after nine years together (including three years of marriage), the insider says that the couple seem more in love than ever. They’re incredibly sweet together, and Justin is always telling anyone who will listen how lucky he is to have Jessica, and how much he loves his family. 

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Jessica and Justin Photos 2016 Photo Gallery

Jessica and Justin Photos 2016

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Jessica and Justin Photos 2016

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Jessica and Justin Photos 2016

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Jessica and Justin Photos 2016

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Jessica and Justin Photos 2016

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Jessica and Justin Photos 2016

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Jessica and Justin Photos 2016

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Jessica and Justin Photos 2016

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Jessica and Justin Photos 2016

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