Jessica Chastain Makeup and Hairstyles

“My priorities have changed since I’ve been wearing less makeup. Now I put a premium 011 good skin care.”
“First I stopped outlining my eyes in black. Then I eased out of lip liner. Next to go was the lip gloss over the base lipstick.”
Skin care is always important, but it’s essential when you pare down your makeup routine: Skin becomes less a canvas, more a central part of the picture. Review your skin-care regimen as you relax your makeup.
Are you still using foundation and concealer to hide flaws? Are you loading on creams and lotions? Try using just cleanser, toner, moisturizer and eye cream. Prescriptives, for example, known for its streamlined products, offers Prescriptives Daily, a team of three dual-purpose products: All Clean Sparkling Gel (that tones as well), Line Preventer 3 and All You Need Oil-Free Action Moisturizer.

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