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No thanks. Im quite happy with my Scotch. Next post; Lou did not know why she had done it what had prompted her to order the wine, some misplaced vindictiveness that she was taking out on poor innocent Arnold (or Arthur or Albert). Whatever his name was, however, he would not do, not for the night, not for any night as far as she was concerned, he was too bovine even if he did write dark bathroom tragedies about the unhappy state of mankind. Lou looked up at the colourful Paris Review posters above Elaines bar, then she looked at her playwright friend and smiled politely, then she caught the eye of a couple having dinner at a table farther back in the room. Odd that she had not noticed them when she came in. They were a comfortable couple to be with, they made her feel at ease, they accepted certain things that other people might not so casually accept, her relationship with David for one thing, and they did it without asking questions or casting doubts.

Jessica Stroup Style Fashion & Looks 2015
Jessica Stroup Info Chart

Style Name Jessica Stroup
Style Birth; October 23, 1986
Style From; Charlotte, NC
Style Occupations; Actress / Model
Style Relationship; Dating Dustin Milligan

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