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His chest was deep, Anita used to like to rest her head on it. His shoulders were broad, heavy, she felt they would protect her in all emergencies. She was not attracted to men who were too lean. Next post; No, there was something thrilling to Anita about a certain amount of weight on top of her when she made love, a feeling of being slightly crushed. Her satisfaction demanded that density of force, that pressure, and there were times when she used to wonder whether she really cared about Jacks mind, what his thoughts were, his dreams, whether she knew him at all, had ever examined his soul, or if it was only the sheer physical impact of him that she had fallen in love with, the mirage of him, for she had to admit to herself one day that she did not listen when he spoke, at least not to his words or the facts they conveyed, but rather to the way he spoke, the rhythm of his voice, the enthusiasm he revealed. He could not bore her no matter what he spoke about, he could stand there and recite the Greek alphabet backwards and she would be mesmerised by his sheer presence. That, Anita decided, was the mystery of love, the elusiveness of it, the eternal riddle that people were forever trying to solve.

Joan Fontaine Style Fashion & Looks 2015
Joan Fontaine Info Chart

Style Name Joan de Beauvoir de Havilland
Style Birth; October 22, 1917
Style From; Tokyo, Japan
Style Occupations; Actress
Style Relationship; Single
A-List; B-List

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