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Simone always wanted to know the specific technical details; as though those could help her overcome her stubborn frigidity. Anita once tried to tell her that the mechanics of lovemaking were subsidiary to the quality of emotion felt, but Simone just looked at her as though she had two heads. Anita finally felt sorry for Simone. Getting laid in the sink was no solution, but Simone would not understand that. In her desperation she would go on trying every outlandish position, getting herself involved in every freak situation that came her way, wondering all the while why none of them brought her the satisfaction she so desperately craved (Robert Fingerhood was at the moment showing Simone his vibrator, which much to her chagrin he had no intendon of using just then). Anita came back to the party present just as Jack Bailey returned from the kitchenette bar with a tall glass of something bubbly brown in his hand. Jack, she said, Im so glad you could make it tonight.

Jodie Foster Style Fashion & Looks 2015
Jodie Foster Info Chart

Style Name Alicia Christian Foster
Style Birth; November 19, 1962
Style From; Los Angeles, CA
Style Occupations; Actress
Style Relationship; Unknown
A-List; B-List

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