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Then why did she persist in thinking that there was another woman? Beverly could answer her own question because another woman was less threatening to cope with than nothing; she could begin to compete with another woman but how could she compete with nothingness? The only woman she could conjure up as the possible party was the one in Peters office, that reporter he pretended to disdain. Last week he had again made a sneering reference to that bitch, Marron, and instead of asking him what he meant Beverly wondered what Lou Marrons body was like and why Peter preferred it to hers. Under questioning Peter admitted that Lou was thin but what had that to do with it? It was not her body that concerned him (he said), it was the sheer bitchiness of her, the horrid possibility that Tony Elliot might give Marron the column instead of giving it to him. That was the way Peter referred to her, never as Lou, or Lou Marron, but simply Marron, as though she were a man. Beverly found this very suspect. Tony Elliot seems quite fond of you, she said now as she removed her black, V necked sheath in front of the oval mirror. Next post; Why do you ask? I was just wondering why we stopped.

John Galliano Style Fashion & Looks 2015
John Galliano Info Chart

Style Name Juan Carlos Antonio Galliano Guillén
Style Birth; November 28, 1960
Style From; Gibraltar
Style Occupations; Fashion designer
Style Relationship; Dating Alexis Roche
A-List; B-List

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