Josh Duhamel Workout Routine Diet Plan

The scale forces us to see and feel ourselves as we really are, and it forces us to do something about it. Do you think that if you had really seen yourself as you were you would have let yourself look the way you did? If you had really felt yourself, don’t you think you would have done something about it long before now? How easy was it to carry that heavy watermelon from the check out stand to your car? How easy was it to carry around ali those extra pounds?

If you had felt them, if you had really been conscious of them you would not have been able to do it.
No matter how evolved we get, how thin we get, we retain this investment in disconnecting from our bodies, a vestige of our mind/body split. We see what we want to see, and we feel what we want to feel. When we look in the mirror we have a preconceived idea of what we look like and that is what we see.

My fırst trip after I had götten skinny was nine days in Ne w York City. Nine days without my scale, away from my “Farmers Market,” nine days of being wined and dined. Would Conscious Combining really work, would it stand the test out there in the “real world”? I was scared! What a relief, when I arrived at the hotel, to discover there was a scale in my hotel room. Each night I celebrated as a Combiner, of course, eating but following the rules, and each moming I weighed myself. Conscious Combining was working. Joy of joysî My weight was a constant 102.

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