Josh Lucas Style & Diet Plan

One night, I gave myself permission to really splurge, to do an Open Human, and I did, in grand style. It was an Open Italian, and I mixed it ali: grease, cheese, and salt a real “mishamishima.” (See Glossary.) I had tried to eat like a mensch but I was sure I had gone overboard. I was sure I had gained.

The next moming 1 could feel it as I rolled out of bed. When I looked in the mirror my hip bones had vanished. I knew I had really done it this time. I was terrifıed. The whale that 1 had once been was looming. I inched onto the scales with dread and horror.

With one eye shut, barely breathing, I looked down. Three numbers stared up at me 102:1 had not gained an ounce! 1 had succeeded.

I had eaten like a mensch, with one hand, one bite at a time, I had done an Open Human, and I hadn’t gained a pound.

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