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It’s the shock showdown that stopped Australia €“ Jessica’s fiery attack on My Kitchen Rules’ lovable judge Manu, accusing him of being unhealthy and unfit. She didn’t call him fat, but geez, she came close,’ reveals fellow contestant Nev. Adds team-mate Kell: She basically told Manu he was overweight. I’ve been watching the show for a long time, and I’ve never seen a contestant launch a personal attack on a judge €“ it was a new low.’ But Jessica tells New Idea that she has no regrets. Who cares if it’s implied that I gestured that Manu’s fat? It’s better to be honest and real.’ And contestants say the tension and secrets on the show have reached boiling point.

Jessica talks about not eating chocolate and fried food and carbs, but we found out she does eat unhealthily behind the scenes,’ says group one contestant Jordan. She’s like a fat girl in the closet. She doesn’t want to come out.’ Throughout the entire instant restaurant round, Jessica continued her attack €“ even calling Luciano bitchy’. But it was Alex and Kell who clashed with the opinionated Victorian the most. The insults were flowing out of her like a tap,’ Kell reveals. The way she was being so negative, pointing out the most ridiculous things about the food and just praising herself €“ she rubbed everyone up the wrong way.’

Alex adds that he told her: I hope your food is better than your attitude,’ during the showdown at Martino and Luciano’s instant restaurant. I like to keep to myself, but if something needs to be said I’ll say it,’ admits the Mackay miner. I left home at a young age and I’ve got used to sticking up for myself. When people are disrespectful or don’t appreciate things, I really hate it. I don’t tolerate disrespect.’ Adds Nev: I watch MKR every year and I’ll say: €œThey’re terrible. However, Jessica €“ I think she’d be the biggest villain MKR has seen.’ But Jessica remains defiant. I’m quite raw and blunt €“ I’m really honest,’ she admits. I’ll take the criticism in my stride. I’m opinionated, so I have to cop the flak!’

The new MKR judge reveals she was blown away by the drama on the hit cooking show

We’re seven seasons in, and it’s hard to believe the drama stakes continue to rise each and every year. When the tears and tantrums kept coming and coming during group three’s instant restaurants, British chef Rachel Khoo (inset) couldn’t believe her eyes! Some of the dramas, oh my goodness,’ she tells New Idea. I think it was the emotions. We sat down at one restaurant and we had a meal where it took a very, very long time, and it felt like World War III was going off in the kitchen! It was a bit awkward.’ Judging their food and not lending a hand was tough for Rachel, 35, who joins Colin Fassnidge at the head of the table next week. I wished I could just go in and help them but you can’t do that,’ she confesses.

When a teaser for a new MKR judge hit screens late last year, speculation was rife that Nigella Lawson was joining the show. But the case of mistaken identity didn’t bother Rachel one bit! I get compared to her a lot,’ she says. It’s a great compliment to be compared to Nigella. I used to read her columns in the paper and she has a way with words, she’s extremely talented.’ Asked to do the show after discovering MKR while visiting Melbourne last year, Rachel says one of the biggest highlights of flming has been working with Irish rogue Colin.

I’ve learnt so much from him about food and TV,’ she gushes. While Rachel is no stranger to the small screen, she is thrilled to make her biggest foray into TV on the ratingsbusting Aussie show. Even though she hasn’t even been seen on air yet, some are already wondering whether Rachel will be back for MKR next year. I’ll see if they want me,’ she says.

judge Manu and Jessica talks

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