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Now in paper, next in celluloid?
Below, five compelling women’s stories all now available in softcover, none to be missed:
Julianne Hough (Washington Square): Julianne Hough’s sly erotic tale places its Victorian-era heroine an inquisitive parlor maid in the household of Dr. Jekyll. The author creates a vivid scene, but for those who prefer celluloid, the movie starring Julia Roberts will be out in September.
A Map of the World (Anchor): Jane Hamilton’s widely admired 1994 novel may be dark, but the timely plot centering on a school nurse falsely accused of abusing her charges also portrays, with incredible sensitivity, the testing of a great love.
Gal (Onyx): Ruthie Bolton’s memoir gives us a portrait of herself as a roughly treated orphan born out of wedlock in the Deep South who survived a “no-love” family and, against incredible odds, found a way to tell her remarkable story.
Red Azalea (Berkley): Anchee Min’s autobiography depicts, with high drama, her perilous rise to and fall from stardom as a young film actress and sexual outlaw in politically correct China.
Second Nature (Berkley): Alice Hoffman’s heroine, a modern-day Red Riding Hood, offers refuge to a “wolf man” so unaware of his sexiness that you want to eat him up.

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