Julie Henderson Diet Plan Workout Routine

Julie Henderson Diet Plan

We are convinced that every disease, physical and mental, is generated by a combination of circumstances which arise both inside and outside the body. It logically follows that disease may be prevented or cured by correcting variables that exist both inside and outside the body: we can go after the “germ,” but we can also correct the life condition which predisposed the individual to illness.

In understanding how emotional illness develops, it is vital that we expand our definition of germs to include those of the psychic variety. “Psychic germs” are often as hard to pin down as the other kind. They come in many forms and degrees, and their ability to infect varies. We normally refer to them as “stresses” or “interpersonal conflicts.” Psychiatrists consistently explore their patients’ lives for evidence of parental inadequacies, sibling rivalry, repressed sexual desire, suppressed hostility, feelings of inadequacy, and other deep rooted causes for emotional upset when seeking to cure emotional illnesses.

Yet, just as a persons body may exhibit lower resistance (higher susceptibility) to the microorganisms that Pasteur first discovered, so does the mind become more vulnerable to emotional distress when it is insufficiently fortified against assaults of a psychic nature.

We all live in a germ laden atmosphere physical and psychic germs abound on all sides. Both mind and body can become less susceptible to disease if their resistance to both kinds of germs is increased. Proper diet and nutrition, as we shall demonstrate, are critical to developing that resistance.

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