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Meat and Qhicken

The Turkish practice is to include, under the general heading of ‘Vegetables’, many dishes which also contain a fair proportion of meat, so when selecting a meat recipe one should also consult the ‘Vegetable Dishes’ section.
Lamb is perhaps the most common meat available in Turkey.

It has a unique flavour which is said to be produced by the wild thyme which grows all over the steppe where the flocks graze, and renders the meat strong and spicy. I find it absolutely delicious, especially when young and tender.

The mutton and goat are inclined to be rather tough and stringy. Veal is used quite a lot, especially in stews such as the türlü, but the beef is generally of a poor quality as the cattle are kept for draught work and dairy produce. It is important to note that in the mince, köfte, dishes (rissoles) RAW mince is always used. Chickens, rabbits and game are plentiful and good.

Cummin, paprika and yogurt are used a lot in the preparation of meat dishes and also for marinating them. Olive oil and lemon juice are also a common marinade, and most herbs are used, especially parsley and thyme.

Kaley Cuoco Diet Recipes

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