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Clothes, and the mesh fabric makes it fairly breathable. The corset is surprisingly not uncomfortable and the difference is immediate an instant 1.5 inch reduction off my natural waist and an added benefit of raising my bustline. Dresses that were previously a little too unforgiving in the midsection are suddenly a perfect fit.

The latex corset, similar to the one in the infamous Kardashian Instagram posts, is meant to be used for shorter periods of time. The latex, as guides AND support FOR our waist to achieve its optimum SHAPE” according to Carla, “stimulates thermal activity and ramps up perspiration which helps eliminate localized and stored fat.” While more flexible than the boned spandex version, it can restrict movement and breath, which is why Carla does not recommend it for heavy abdominal and oblique exercise routines, or for heavy cardio or endurance.

IT WAS A DEFINING MOMENT FOR WOMANKIND when the flappers of the 1920s cut their hair short, donned shorter dresses and even more shockingly, unlaced their corsets in the name of freedom and fashion. Foundation undergarments have never disappeared completely, but they are undergoing a bit of resurgence recently, since Kim K tweeted a picture of her in her workout corset. Kim’s latex corsets are a far cry from the whale-boned corsets of the Victorians. Made of lightweight but heavy-duty latex, these waist trainers are lined with flexible steel bones for structure, but with a little bit of give, allowing a much wider range of movement than our 19th-century sisters had.


Both corsets had a few less obvious benefits. First, the boning makes it impossible to slouch, so a corset wearer will find that her posture immediately improves. Also, many people find that compression garments aid in weight loss by reducing appetite, encouraging them to eat much smaller meals, as the bloatedness of being full is even more apparent while one is wrapped in latex and steel.


Carla Carnduff, whose site Slimmingcorsets.ph is the Philippines supplier of waist training corsets, explains the instant and longer term benefits. “It can benefit temporarily,” she explains, as a special occasion foundation garment, worn under a dress to smooth over bulges and contour the waist. “But it’s not only a quick-fix solution. Think of

it as dental braces for those with crooked teeth. Over a period of time, with proper use and exercise, the waist trainers serve as guides and support for our waist to achieve its optimum shape.”


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A Buy one size smaller I than the actual size I guide in stretchy materials like spandex/ polyester. Less stretchy materials like latex will probably work in your regular shirt size.

2 When choosing the best size for you, choose the one that provides enough pressure on the loosest setting.

As you lose weight, or become comfortable with the compression, you can always adjust down to the smaller hooks.

3 Start waist training gradually. Wear the corset for a few hours a day at first, building up over time to a full day. (Or night some people even sleep in their corsets!).

4 Don’t forget to drink! Dehydration is a common side effect of compression shapewear, as perspiration leads to water loss and smaller stomach capacities can also mean less water intake.

5 Keep up the healthy diet and regular exercise. Corsets are not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle and in fact, it’s even more important to keep your core in shape when waist training, so as not to lose abdominal muscle tone.

6 Pressure is normal, but pain is not.

If it hurts, try a different size or shape, or consider taking a break.

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