Karolina Kurkova Diet Plan Workout Routine

Karolina Kurkova Diet Plan

Fifty years ago, a new concept of medicine dramatically emphasizing the relationship of mind and body was introduced when the word “psychosomatic” first appeared in German medical literature. Today, that concept is generally accepted.

In Psychosomatics, an excellent survey of the literature on the subject by Howard and Martha Lewis, the authors show how emotions can alter endocrine balance, impair blood supply and blood pressure, impede digestion, change body temperature, and produce a sustained state of emotional stress causing physiological changes that lead to disease.

Emotional distress is one resistance lowering factor. Another major factor, according to some health professionals, is the impact of major life changes. Virtually all illness, they believe, is preceded by a constellation of significant events in our lives.

Principal researchers behind this life change theory of disease are Dr. Thomas Holmes, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Washington, and Dr. Richard H. Rahe, of the United States Navy Medical Neuropsychiatric Unit in San Diego. Rahe is also affiliated with the Department of Psychiatry and the Brain Research Institute at the University of California in Los Angeles.

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