Kat Dennings Special Recipe


1 chicken of average si 1 teaspoon paprika
1 bulgur teaspoon salt
1 quart water Black pepper 1 taste
1 o butter

Put the bulgur into a large basin and cover it with cold water to a level just above the grains and leave it to soak overnight by which time the wheat will have soaked up all the water. Simmer the chicken in a quart of water, well seasoned with salt and pepper, until it is tender (about one hour) and allow it to cool in the broth.

Then take all the meat off the chicken, shred it as finely as you can with a sharp knife and return it to the broth. Now add the wet wheat and salt and pepper to the chicken and simmer them together, stirring and beating con-tinuously until the mixture resembles a thick porridge.

This may take at least twenty minutes. Serve it hot in little bowls and sprinkled over with a little melted butter into which has been stirred a teaspoon of paprika.

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